Frequently Asked Questions

1. About Write to Smite

Write to Smite is a writing productivity tool featuring gaming and story elements. Whether you are a professional author or a hobbyist, Write to Smite is a great tool to improve your writing habits while having fun.

The main story: You, the player, have been abducted by aliens and stranded on a mysterious alien island called Tauk. On this island, you encounter various aggressive creatures who are calmed by being told stories. No need for weapons. Your skill as a master of spinning wondrous tales will help you survive this strange new world!

2. How to Play

Your goal is to defeat alien monsters by writing words.

Each monster has a word goal and a time limit. You need to write the total number of words in the time specified to defeat a monster.

To smite a monster:

  1. Visit the Smite page
  2. Select any monster you would like to smite
  3. Start typing!

There is a text editor where you will type the words. When you start a game, a timer and a progress bar will appear to show your progress.

If during your smite you realize you were too confident with the word goal, there's a handy Retreat button near the progress bar. You can also close/refresh the window. There is no penalty for abandoning a smite.

At the end of each smite, you have the choice to smite the same monster again.

Your words are not saved on our servers. Nobody but you (and someone standing behind you) can see what you type. However, your words are saved in your browser's local storage for easy retrieval even after you close the browser. If you clear your cache, those words are gone for good and cannot be restored.

Please backup/save your words frequently to prevent any accidents. If you accidentally delete/backspace words you didn't save, quickly hit CTRL + Z or CMD + Z (or use the undo arrow on the editor's toolbar) to undo the deletion.

3. Adjusting Play

Play it YOUR way. You can adjust the difficulty, editor height and play modes of the game!

  • Difficulty: Use the slider to increase or decrease the word goals for each monster. The slider ranges from 10 to 50 Words Per Minute (WPM).
  • Play Modes: The mode you choose will decide what happens after a smite has ended.
    1. Manual: You start new smites by clicking the Again button
    2. Sprint: A five minute break timer starts. Once the timer hits zero, a new smite automatically begins
    3. Continuous: As one smite ends, another automatically begins
  • Editor Height: Use the slider to increase or decrease the editor's height.

4. Your Statistics

You can view your overall progress on your Stats page.

The parts of your Stats page:

  • Player Bar:
    1. Avatar: Depending on your level, this can be changed on the Avatars page.
    2. Level Progress: How much XP you need before you move up to the next level. You gain XP by smiting monsters and completing quests
    3. Streak: How many days in a row you have been writing. You earn a streak by successfully logging at least 300 words in one day. You lose your streak when you miss a day.
    4. Words: How many words you wrote today.
    5. Coins: In-game currency used to buy items.
    6. Gems: In-game currency used to buy items.
    7. Island: The current island you are inhabiting. Each island has different monsters you can smite.
  • Your Stats: Shows you a quick run-down of how many smites you've logged, how many smites you've won/lost, your longest streak, and total number of words you've written in-game.
  • View Achievements: View in-game goals you can work towards and/or goals you have already met.
  • Last 10 Days: Shows you a line-graph of your daily writing over the last ten days.
  • Most Smote: The monster you have smote the most.
  • View History: View and/or download the results of each smite. Get a glimpse of your average Words Per Minute (WPM) and Words Per Hour (WPH) too.

5. Items & Quests

You earn items, experience (XP) and in-game currency (coins) when you win a smite! Items are used to complete quests. However, some items can only be bought via the Shop and some can only be gained through conversion.

To find out more about an item: Click on the image and its description will appear.

To buy an item: Click on the image and its description and cost will appear. Some items can be purchased using coins, while some will require gems to purchase. You can earn gems through quests or buy them using real money via the Store page.

To convert an item: You must be at least a Level 3 Smiter and the item must be an item drop from a monster. If you meet the requirements, click on the image. The Converter will appear beneath the description of the item you want to convert. There is a cost to convert items which you can pay using either coins or gems.

Quests can either be completed or abandoned. You receive rewards for completing quests like experience (XP), coins, and other handy items. If there's a quest you don't want to complete, you can abandon it. However, abandoned quests cannot be restored.

6. High Scores

Competition is one of the best motivators! See how other smiters are doing or where you stand in the rankings via the Scores page. At this time, there are five categories, each with a top 10 list of players:

  • Current Streak: The top 10 players with the highest current streak
  • Longest Streak: The top 10 players with the highest longest streak
  • Highest Level: The top 10 players at the highest level
  • Most Words: The top 10 players who have written the most words overall
  • Most Smites: The top 10 players with the most smites overall

7. Buying Gems

Gems can be bought using real money via the Store page. We accept Paypal and the cost is in USD. Buying gems helps keep Write to Smite running and ad-free. All gem purchases you make are logged for easy reference. You can find them on your Purchases page.

8. Changing Information

You can change your username, email address, password and timezone on your Account page. However, changing your timezone will likely disturb the way your streak is calculated. It's not advised to change it unless you really need to. If you want to change your timezone without affecting your streak, you can first apply a shield to protect your streak from changing, THEN update your timezone. You can buy and apply shields via the Items page.

9. Referral Codes

Refer a friend and both of you get free gems! Each user has their own referral code. You can find your referral code on your Account page. When a friend uses your referral code after signing up, they are credited their gems immediately. Your gems are placed in a holding area called Unclaimed Gems. You can claim your gems by clicking on the Claim button on your Account page.